It all started back in 2007. André Herberth just finished what we Norwegians call "folkehøyskole" or folk high school, and had too much free time on his hands.

When Minecraft was still in Alpha, he launched's predecessor, dubbed

Intended as a general public forum, it quickly became clear that due to André's gaming interests, and the fact he enjoyed hosting gaming servers, it inevitably was redubbed

On it's height of popularity, hosted server's averaging 600 players from Europe and Us at all hours. The volunteer staff numbered 30, ranging from moderators and admins for the gaming servers, as well as the web server and voice servers.

Eventually, André meet the love of his life, and became a father, and at such, could not continue funding the community with an average 700 dollars a month after donations.

Alas, during a 3 month's period, OurGaming was in the end boiled down to twenty or so core members, where many still play games with each other to this day.

Almost 5 year's later, OurGaming is still on slow heat, waiting for the day it will rise again. Oh, and it want's to start posting honest previews, reviews and general news. If for nothing else, fun.