Maybe you have heard of before. We used to host gaming servers for Arma 2, Minecraft and a various of other games. At our Peek, our servers served six hundred gamer's at any time.

After it went into hibernation, with only the Teamspeak server, and later the Discord server as well, I have toyed with the idea to slowly bring the brand back again, although not as what it was before.

I love playing games. I also enjoy wielding the pen now and again, and though I might try my hand at writing honest down to earth gaming reviews.

Right now, I am slowly building the site up, setting up the technical bits, and I have started writing some reviews to get the words going.

If you want to take part of building a small gaming related publication, you are more then welcome to contact me on discord. My username is andreherberth#0450. Keep in mind, this is a hobby project, at least for now.

Loading Screen from one of our Arma2: DayZ Epoch servers.